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Same problem here on Stufz! I had to file a complaint with the FTC.

I refuse to be scammed without a fight. Their checkout system is intentionally misleading. I phoned immediately after entering and asked to cancel it and was told it already shipped...five minutes later! He then told me if I rejected the package and didn't accept it I would have 100% refund including S&H.

I notified the USPS and they rejected it. My credit card was not refunded $19 because of the S&H. They wouldn't allow a supervisor. They wouldn't provide a valid email or physical address so that I could file a complaint.

In fact they make it as difficult as possible to get a human to begin with!

If they don't provide a refund I can assure you their company will pay for it by the word of mouth I will provide against purchasing it and I will create a website if needed to urge consumers to file an online complaint with the FTC. It only takes a minute, it's free!

Monetary Loss: $19.

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I ordered the product from their web site at 21;15 on 29 Dec 2013, order id 365368981. Due to their confusing and poorly design ordering system I was charged twice for the product and double shipping and handling.

It was at the end after the order was submitted that I found this out. There was no way to preview the order prior to submission for errors. It is my opinion that the same designers of the affordable care web site designed this site too.

The information they provide on their web site does not allowing contacting by email. This being a week the phone number is no help.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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DONT Buy the StufZ™


Don't buy the StufZ product - they say its buy one get one free but buy the time I paid for the product that should have been $9.99 my total as $39.99. What a scam.

When I tried to call on the weekend no one answered! When I sent an email it didn't work! Why would you run a commercial on a product during the weekend and not be available to place an order. Never again!

Luckily I contacted my credit card company and refused payment because they shipped the payment and tried to bill me already!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Boca Raton, Florida, United States #814164

im still not sure if to buy or not, i saw some cool stuffed recipes at and the guy was using the stufz but so many people saying its ***

i might just risk 9bucks thanks for this review

Boca Raton, Florida, United States #813410

I'v checked out so many reviews already but im still not sure i read so many bad reviews but then i see such great burger recipes using the press thing. like at

But its like 60/40 saying its ***

So im not sure i actually found this by looking for burger recipes for a family BBQ i was planning and i first say that stuffed recipes

Should i really buy this?

Laguna, California, United States #769853

I too was duped by Stufz ordering system. The wording before checkout confused me in a manner that made me choose 2 for my order and was charged double the order and double the shipping and handling.

I immediately called their customer support line... which appears to be one individual since I called twice and got the same person. She told me I had to call back in 4 hours, which I will and cancel my order completely.

Do not get ripped off by STUFZ! Be careful placing your order and make sure you choose 1 when checking out, you'll still receive two presses.

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